Bringing Pets to Festivals in Dallas County, TX: What You Need to Know

The behavior of service animals is the responsibility of the owner. Pets are NOT allowed; however, a service animal is allowed for people with disabilities. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a service animal is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to work or perform tasks for a person with a disability. The task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the person's disability.

All service animals must be on a leash or harness and cannot be left unattended. The behavior of service animals is the responsibility of the owner, and they will be asked to leave the Fair if their behavior becomes a threat to the safety of another guest or employee. Unfortunately, there are no pet accommodations at the fairgrounds. When it comes to keeping your pet safe, it's essential to secure them inside a fenced yard, enclosed pen, or other structure when they are not inside your home.

When leaving your property with your pet, it must be in an appropriate carrier or on a leash. Even if your pet is well-trained and friendly, other animals and people may not be. Your dog MUST be on a leash at all times in public. Unfortunately, we won't be able to rent costumes this season. Pets are not allowed on festival grounds or campgrounds; however, service animals are not considered pets by the federal government and they are welcome at the Texas Renaissance Festival.

The ADA also makes clear that emotional support, therapy, comfort, or companionship animals are not considered service animals and are not allowed at the festival or camp. We prefer that service dogs have appropriate identification (vest, documentation, etc.). Please note that our staff is not authorized to request any documentation for the dog, to require the dog to demonstrate its task, or to ask about the nature of a person's disability. Our staff understands that service animals may be excluded and may be asked to leave the facility if the service animal is annoying, if the trainer cannot effectively take control of the service animal, if the service animal is not raided and the grounds are not maintained, or if it causes the animals at our event to behave aggressively or become nervous. In accordance with Section 30.06 of the Criminal Code (illegal entry by a licensee with a concealed handgun), a person authorized under subchapter H, chapter 411, of the Government Code (handgun licensing law), may not enter the Texas Renaissance Festival property with a concealed handgun. In accordance with Section 30.07 of the Criminal Code (illegal entry by a licensee with an openly carried pistol), a person authorized under subchapter H, chapter 411, of the Government Code (firearms licensing law) cannot enter the property of the Texas Renaissance Festival with a handgun that is being carried openly. Any sword, stake, sharp or pointed object used as part of your costume MUST be durably wrapped and tied.

You can secure them with leather straps or cable ties. Unsafe weapons will not be allowed to enter the Festival venue. Hidden or open transport is NOT allowed on festival grounds. Failure to comply with our policies 30-05 and 30-06 will result in disciplinary action by festival security. Outdoor food or drinks are not allowed inside festival gates; however, you can bring food for babies and toddlers.

You can bring one unopened bottle of water per guest. The Festival is located at 21778 FM 1774, Todd Mission, Texas 77363 - approximately 50 miles northwest of downtown Houston. Every day of the festival at noon all residents of New Market Village gather at Globe Stage for Marche Grand Parade. From there they parade through town to welcome all king and queen's guests. Unfortunately we currently don't offer any discounts. You can take your small cooler or small cooler bag with you to store your milk.

When you enter if they ask you let Beefeaters in front know what cooler is for and they will let you in. Most merchants and sellers accept credit cards - there are cash machines all over town. When transporting your pet in truck it must be inside carrier, kennel or other device that prevents it from falling out of vehicle. In addition to imposing criminal sanction city may in accordance with Section 54.012 (of Texas Local Government Code) initiate civil action against person who violates provision of this chapter. This North Texas Irish festival is produced by Southwest Celtic Music Association - 501(c)(not-for-profit) corporation based in Dallas. In 1984 SCMA was formed and North Texas Irish Festival was moved to Fair Park Cultural Arts building. In this section 'HOUSING UNIT' has meaning given to it in Section 51A-2102 of Dallas Development Code as amended.

North Texas Irish Festival is member of International Association of Irish Festival Producers - reason for this is that first Irish festivals were held only on Saturday and were always first Saturday in March.

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