Exploring the Best Festivals in Dallas County, TX

Dallas County, TX is a great destination for festival-goers. From the Deep Ellum Arts Festival to the JMBLYA Festival, there's something for everyone. Whether you're a fan of art, music, or athletics, you'll find plenty of events to enjoy in Dallas County. The Deep Ellum Arts Festival is one of the most renowned performing and visual arts festivals in the region.

It began as a street party in 1994 and has since grown into a major event. Held annually in early April, it showcases over 200 visual and decorative artists, as well as hundreds of original bands, composers, and performing artists. Attendees can sample and admire top-notch decorative arts, purchase various works of art including sculptures, paintings, leather goods, wood crafts, murals, and more. The Riverfront Jazz Festival is another popular event that takes place during Labor Day weekend at three different locations in Dallas.

It's always a packed event with some of the leading national and international jazz artists in almost every genre of music. Jazz enthusiasts should mark this event on their calendar if they're going to be in Dallas around Labor Day. The Texas State Fair is one of the oldest events not only in Texas but in the entire United States of America. It's held annually at the historic Fair Park and offers 24 days of incredible family fun and entertainment.

There are lots of food, musical performances, art exhibits, and more. Families from neighboring states often attend this event as well. Dallas Blooms is another popular event that takes place at the Dallas Arboretum. This event celebrates the flowering of more than 500,000 flowers in the arboretums with beautiful views of tulips, azaleas, pansies, and more.

The festival is always accompanied by many events that include poetry readings, musical performances, gastronomic festivals, history classes, and more. The Homegrown Music and Arts Festival is a local exhibition of art and music festivals designed to bring together some of Dallas's top artists and musicians. It takes place at Main Street Garden Park with two local stages for eclectic musical performances and magnificent exhibitions by various visual artists from all over the region. The MetroPCS Dallas Marathon was formerly known as the Dallas White Rock Marathon.

With more than four decades of existence, it's the oldest marathon in Texas and one of the largest spectator events in the state. Nearly 6,000 participants are applauded by more than 300,000 fans who line up along the marathon tracks each year. The JMBLYA Festival has existed for less than a decade but has since grown to become one of the main musical events in Texas. It's held annually in May at Southwest's most popular family events. Attendees can enjoy eclectic musical performances as well as magnificent exhibitions by various visual artists from all over the region. Finally, don't forget about Dallas Pride which is dedicated to celebrating the LGBT community.

The day's main activities include a parade adorned by marching bands, floats, dance groups, training equipment and other exciting performances followed by a festival held in Oak Lawn neighborhood. So if you're looking for an exciting destination for your next vacation make sure to check out this list for dates of major festivals in Dallas County to find out which ones you can attend and adjust your itinerary accordingly.

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