The Ultimate Guide to Festivals in Dallas County, TX

Visiting Dallas County, TX? Whether you're looking for a music festival, literary event, or a pumpkin garden, there's something for everyone! The Texas State Fair is a great place to start. It celebrates all things Texans by promoting agriculture, education, and community participation through quality entertainment in a family atmosphere. The Fair Park Station and MLK Jr. Station on the DART green line are the closest stops to the fairgrounds.

You can also take the Trinity Railway Express from any of the ten stations in Tarrant County or Dallas County to the DART Rail green line in Dallas. If you're coming from Denton County, take the A train from one of the five stations and transfer to the green DART line at Trinity Mills. Rideshare and taxi services are available from Haskell to 4206 Gurley Ave. Dallas, TX 75223, to and from there only.

We recommend using this address as it is the most efficient area to reduce traffic. The daily schedule for all activities and events is continuously updated as new shows and attractions are added to the State Fair schedule. If you have questions about accessibility, check out their frequently asked questions. The Dallas Fort Worth Music Discovery Festival is held for 11 days at various locations around the city.

It brings together leading literary voices of the DFW metropolitan area and attracts an audience far beyond Dallas Hall. These festivals celebrate the traditions, values, and heritage of the diverse communities that live in Dallas and provide a platform for people to come together and enjoy music, food, and entertainment. SMU presents the Dallas Literary Festival as a way to showcase and encourage conversations about contemporary literature. The Dallas International Film Festival (DIFF) has become the place for storytellers and audiences to connect and experience cinema as a community.

The Dallas Art Fair offers collectors, art professionals and the public the opportunity to enjoy a wide selection of modern and contemporary artworks presented by leading national and international galleries. The Cottonwood Art Festival has become one of the most prestigious fine art festivals in the United States. Vehicles will not be allowed to remain in the exhibition space during any festival, nor will they be allowed to enter until approved by the Festival Committee. There are lots of pumpkin gardens in Dallas, each offering something different.

For 20 years, the Asian Film Festival has provided more than 400 Asian and Asian-American filmmakers and documentalists an opportunity to share their vision. Pride weekend begins with the Dallas Pride Music Festival, followed by Alan Ross's Dallas Pride Texas Freedom Parade. The first Deep Ellum Music Festival will take place in November. The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden presents Dallas Blooms, one of Southern Living's “best places to see stunning spring flowers” in the entire South. No matter what kind of festival you're looking for, there's something for everyone in Dallas County!.

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